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    New foreign residents in Portugal receive pensions tax free

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    9th Best Country in the World to Retire

    International Living

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    Portugal has the third largest European expat community

    The Telegraph

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    Algarve: Best Place in the World to Retire

    2014 Retire Overseas Index

With clients from more than 20 countries, our company provides comprehensive solutions for the senior expatriate market in Southern Europe. Algarve Senior Living has a focus on the Portuguese market, with significant experience and coverage of the Algarve and the Lisbon/Cascais/Estoril coast, as well as a presence via preferred partners, in the Silver Coast and Madeira.

Whether you see yourself as retired, about to retire, a senior, part of the silver generation, 50+, a Baby or Euro Boomer, our business was created with you in mind!

Our team’s experience of living around the world, and the feedback from clients from more than 20 countries, has shown us that, above all, our customers need information upon which to take sensible decisions, and access to a range of senior living choices. We are a company that offers both.

We are one of the few companies, if not the only company, to strategically position itself to offer both properties for sale and long-term rentals, as well as a range of ancillary solutions, such as immigration, legal services, pension and financial support, NHR applications, moving furniture, importing a vehicle, some of which are delivered via our broad expert partner network.

Because we have established a broad set of partnerships, including one of the largest regional real estate networks, we believe we are an excellent choice for those who are considering a long-stay in or permanent move to Portugal.

In response to the feedback from an overwhelming majority of our customers who are active retirees or seniors with a range of social, sporting and cultural interests, and from enquiries received from almost 30 nationalities, we have broadened our set of independent living accommodation options, including apartments, cottages and bungalows, villas and serviced accommodation.


We continue to be the only company, as far as we are aware, that allows clients a true choice between long-term rental accommodation and property for sale. Because we work with our wide network of accredited real estate partners, we offer more choice than any one of these partners individually, yet guarantee independence and protect clients from the real estate sales pressure employed by many traditional real estate agents.


Our combination of relationships with property owners, developers/builders and a network of more than 30 partners across Portugal, means that if you are looking to rent or buy a property you can talk to one company who will represent your interests, collate options on your behalf and only show you the short-list which best matches your criteria. We work on your behalf to save you time and simplify the search process.


For independent clients who are conscious that they may need assistance in the near future, we are unique in offering a continuum of solutions, from independent living thru assisted living to care, including a range of private insurance alternatives through specialist partners, to provide peace of mind. Knowing that this range of options is available over time, is often a crucial aspect of deciding whether or not to spend extended periods of time abroad, or to emigrate permanently.

Via our multi-faceted team and in partnership with a range of specialists, our clients benefit from access to a range of services (including cultural, wellness and sporting activities, medical services and support, relocation and immigration expertise, pension and tax advice including specialized experience in Portugal’s NHR programme, which allows eligible pensioners to receive their pensions tax-free in Portugal. 

Contact us to book a visit, or ask about our try-before-you-decide options!