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Budget & Info – ORL – Live Like a King for Less

Live Like A King For Less – Budget Comparisons The cost of living in Portugal is generally among the lowest in Western Europe. Some items, such as fuel (around €1.30/ liter or about US$5/gallon), electricity, second hand cars (Ford Focus 2012 diesel between €12,000 and €20,000, Audi A4 Avant diesel starting at €40,000) and electronic […]

ORL – Making The Right Property Choice

Making The Right Property Choice Start With A Rental The Algarve is a popular summer rental market. A range of options exist in both municipalities. Long-term rentals represent a small percentage of the total rental market and private apartment and villa rentals, whose owners often only place properties on the market as an afterthought following […]

ORL – The World’s Most-Stable Climate

The World’s Most-Stable Climate World Weather Online states that the “Algarve enjoys one of the most stable climates in the world” with its moderate weather influenced by both the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas and its proximity to North Africa. Portugal has 3,300 hours of sunshine per year, one of the highest in Europe. The Algarve […]

ORL – The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing It’s all about retirement. Portugal and the Algarve have been through major infrastructural investment such as highways— the country has Europe’s fifth best roads—and airports— Faro has already receives over 5 million passengers a year, equivalent to half the country’s population. The Algarve is set to be the next big thing […]

ORL – Europe’s Best Kept Secret

Europe’s Best Kept Secret Europe’s most famous secret. That’s how this part of the world is often described. Why? Because it has Europe’s best beaches, Europe’s best golf courses, one of Europe’s friendliest folk, it’s the chosen retirement destination for over 100,000 resident expatriates, and, added to all that, it’s Europe’s newest tax haven. Several […]